Here’s to the Crazy Ones…

crazy ones

Attributed to Steve Jobs, ( designer of Apple Mac ) .

I absolutely love this quote because it loosens the chains on us  and allows us to become something beautiful, that is free of the thinking of others. It inspires and surprises me constantly! I find it deeply spiritual too. I find that it speaks and cuts into the heart of normality, culture and tradition. Why are we going through the ‘motions’, yet not asking ‘Why’? Why should our spirit be crushed and contained?

I see Jesus as the misfit who caused trouble, and stirred society, he was different, radical and tossed tradition out of the window. He saw people for who they were and looked past first impressions. He said to the hated Tax Collector , Matthew, follow me! He said to the fishermen, put down your nets, because you are going to become fishers of people. Jesus insisted on removing  limitations on normal people and allowing them to breathe. He constantly pushed and rocked the boat. My question is to you, how are you living out your Christian life ? Are you accepting the box you have been put in ? Or are you embracing the radical , spiritual filled life that God has in store for you ?




‘Thinking differently, pushing boundaries, creating change, speaking out, silencing silence, confronting injustice, breaking stereotypes, challenging traditions, stripping layers, removing walls, embracing vulnerability, dreaming beyond, encouraging imagination, igniting passion, creating expressions, releasing potential, cultivating gifts, producing fruit, reinforcing vision, strengthening faith, taking off,  growing wings, spirit soaring, journeying together, uniting as one, empowering each other, producing hope, lifting oppression, overcoming fear, comforting our souls, taking our pain, forging forgiveness, opening doors, captivating thoughts, releasing power, casting out demons,  promoting God’s authority, confirming Jesus’ death, cleansing sin on the cross, rising out of the grave, convicting the heart, humbling our pride, sanctifying the soul, demonstrating Jesus’ love, guiding our feet, lighting our path, testifying to others, promising eternal life and producing streams of living water’.


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