Be a Dreamer ….

three trees
This is about a story called, The Three Trees. When the trees first started out in life, they all had ambitions to become something incredible. The first tree wanted to become a beautiful treasure chest with all the worlds’ wealth in it. The second tree wanted to become a magnificent sailing ship that held royalty across the seas, and the third tree wanted to become the tallest tree in the whole world. As the years flew by, their dreams remained unfulfilled . Until one day, some woodcutters decided to cut down the trees to make something useful out of them. Finally, the trees believed they would become their dreams. The first tree was made into a feed box for animals . The second tree was turned into a simple boat. The third tree was cut up and left in the timber yard for some time . In time, the trees had forgotten their dreams and hopes. Years went by and a young lady placed her baby into the feed-box that was made from the first tree. The tree suddenly came to her senses and realised it was holding the greatest treasure of all time, the baby Jesus. The second tree was eventually turned into a simple fishing boat. The men went out to sea in a great storm and a man called Jesus calmed the waves with an authoritative voice. Suddenly the second tree, realised it was holding the king of heaven and earth. Finally, men came to the lumberyard and used the wooden beams. There was a great commotion and chaos as a man was dragging the wooden cross to the top of the hill. The man died on the tree. However , three days later, this man rose again. Suddenly, the tree realised that this man was Jesus, and the tree had become a great symbol for all eternity of Jesus’ love and sacrifice for all the sins of the world. His ways, are not always our ways.

Do you have any unfulfilled hopes or dreams ? Perhaps you were told your dreams were no good and couldn’t possibly come true. Maybe you have been crushed. Maybe you do not feel adequate. Perhaps some of you have long forgotten your purpose in life and have lost hope. I was once you, I lost hope after many disappointments. Eventually, after much searching, I decided to let go and let God take control . When I weakened my desire of becoming something , God lead me on a narrow path. This path has had many twists and turns, but eventually I learnt to trust God with my dreams.

Maybe it’s time for you too, to reignite your hopes and dreams? I don’t believe for a minute that your experiences, your jobs, your relationships, or your suffering, cannot be used for God’s glory and purpose. Everything, absolutely everything can be used for God’s kingdom. God makes a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1), all the detail, nothing in your life has been wasted. It took me a while to realise that I needed to let go of my selfish ambition, in order for me to hear God’s call on my life. Bring your hopes and dreams to God today and he will use them to further his kingdom and redeem you. Pray to God, he wants to hear your dreams. Surround yourself with positive people, who want to see you fly.

Be a dreamer. If you don’t know how to dream, you’re dead! (Jim Valvano).

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