Does a red sun symbolise something spiritual ?

blood sun

There are two responses to the phenomenon we saw today

  1. We explain it away
  2. We embrace it

Let’s face it, it’s easier going with the first option. We feel comfortable explaining all weirdness away and we can quickly accept and  attribute it to a  theory. Hoping that, it never happens again. The latter, however, makes us question, feel very uncomfortable and nudge us to ask the ultimate question, ‘Is there something bigger out there? You are brave to go for this option, daring to believe , even if others think your strange! (Remember I am just speculating here!) Some of you will believe the theory that Hurricane Orphelia is responsible for the strange red skies across our country. Due to blowing of Sahara sands that have refracted through particles and reflected back onto the sun . It’s rational, it makes sense to you.  However, this doesn’t explain the burning smells we have experienced in Bristol and other locations across the UK. People spoke of sandalwood , sulphur and melting smells. It left a bitter after taste in the mouth.  Think of the eerie clip of flocks of birds flying away in expectation something bad was about to happen. The pink of the skies and the feeling of an eclipse about to happen , as the sky dimmed at 11am this morning in Bristol. Can particles from a hurricane  do that ? My colleague and I were talking over a coffee, the sky suddenly darkened and seem to give off an aura that something was about to happen, and thankfully it passed over .The sun stayed red for about four hours.  What does the red sun mean ? Some have warned in the past of fires closing in and that is the current explanation in the papers too. Remember,though, it only occurred over the UK. Can we even say, that it is representative of spiritual fire that is coming to the UK ? Physical manifestations happen alongside spiritual activity in the Bible and flames of fire can represent the Holy Spirit.  My colleague then reminded me of the 1987 storm that took 18 lives away . It’s exactly 30 years today, now is that just coincidence ?

Let’s find out what we know about Heavenly signs, because let’s be frank we have had lots of signs this year in the skies across the globe, with very weird  and unpredictable weather patterns. Yes, evidence seems to be point in the direction of the climate warming up and causing these blips in our weather system. Remember, the almighty crack of thunder that tore across the UK?  (back in June) and quite frankly made me think that Jesus was about to return ! It felt awesome , holy and fearsome. It actually lead to some good end of world type conversations too.  It seemed to be a divine appointment. Events worldwide politically and physically seems to be happening too fast, there appears to be a divine force driving these dramatic changes. We have seen so many stories recently on bad practise being exposed, political unease, uprisings, shootings, wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, famines, government upheavals, and rumours of wars (Luke 21:36). Nowhere is being unaffected. The only force big enough to allow this to happen across the globe would be the power of God and the working of the Holy Spirit on the ground, in a very dramatic way. We do need to be aware that God is working behind the scenes in all situations, good and bad.  I’m going for gut instinct here. I think that the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully through nature. Apparently, if another planet enters the atmosphere more dramatic weather happens too. Well just look at our freaky weather system people, read the signs ! Yes, we are craning our necks out of our comfort zones and realising that there is a being far greater than us that needs to be noticed.

So let’s see what the Bible has say about this one – the heavenly signs to watch for

‘The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its lights ; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken’ . I saw a video clip talking about the sun actually darkening and I saw this very clearly for myself in Bristol today.

We have had the major eclipse in the US this year and sightings of enormous blood moons in August this year too. Some of which have coincided with religious events (Jewish) in the calendar (Jewish year 5778). Let’s get our heads out of technology and have a look at the sky ourselves , the next few weeks. Perhaps take some pictures too. It’s too easy in a city to not notice the environment. Even the Wise men looked to the stars to await the coming of Jesus in human form.

At that time men will see the Son of the Man coming in clouds with great power and glory. And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens.  (Mark 13:24-26)

When will Jesus return? What manifestation will he come in ? If the whole world are to see it happen, it’s gotta be spectacular. Perhaps an almighty light (bigger than the sun) shining in the darkness? We are still not entirely sure, but we must be ready, Mark tells us that when we see these things happening that you know that it is near, right at the door.  I am totally scared and curious at the same time, is it really possible Jesus is returning in our life time?  Pray for your friends , family and colleagues that they may know Jesus! Pray that God will prepare you and he will bring his kingdom, as we are reminded, we do not know the hour of Jesus’ return.  We are reminded this week of the smallness of humans and the power of God through nature .


One thought on “Does a red sun symbolise something spiritual ?

  1. It looked weirdly dark in Petersfield at 1pm and when I got home the daylight had started turning yellow butt realised it’s all related to the unusual, vast breath of hot air from the Sahara. We need the Lord’s wisdom to know what’s natural and supernatural – yes some of the first can be spiritually significant.

    Interesting abut Bristol in view of another prophetic word received today about the area >

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