Hi there , I am just plain human , I have made lots of mistakes and some of my blog pages I wrote a couple of years back, I didn’t think through what I was saying . Some of my blogs are fictional too, but some of them came directly from my heart . I have been struggling with well being and anxiety the past few months and some of my blogs came directly from me feeling unwell at the time , whilst I was being bullied and feeling stressed out at work, it was a form of escapism specially the red sun article. I must admit, my mind plays tricks on me, when I am under pressure . I also liked creating blogs as a means of imagination and creativity, and not as fact . I hope you can forgive me, for being such a fool. I didn’t think anyone was going to read my blogs either . But as it happens you have !! how stupid of me !

Only by grace can we enter into God’s kingdom and through his righteousness and blood are we made acceptable. I pray that all our sins are removed so we can enjoy the presence of Jesus fully in heaven.