I came to creating this blog page because I came to a point in my life, where slowly but surely everything seemed to disintegrate beneath my feet . No matter how hard I tried, ambitions and goals seemed to move further away from me. I was grasping to find that ‘silver lining in every cloud’ realisation, but could not seem to find it. In this period of darkness, where suffering seemed to meet me at every turn, I called out to God. God in his grace, heard my cries and rescued me from ‘myself’. This turning point was when I suddenly became acutely aware of the ‘self righteous’ me. I suddenly stopped in my tracks because I heard a Bishop speak on being ‘more attentive’ to listening to God and ‘stop doing’. In this period of silence and stillness, God whispered quietly to my heart and also in my dream. I heard him speak to me one word only, ‘hello’! . Now he had me listening! This simple but profound message , was one that I had decided to ignore for many years. I had been blinded by my own ways. It awakened my soul to understand that God has been calling me to realise it wasn’t about me but more about his purposes, all for his glory. In my heart and actions, I yearned to see him at work, but I had to be still first . I started to write a spiritual journal day and night, night and day, I couldn’t stop writing. Everything inside me had finally come out. I am deeply reflective but hadn’t written much down. I am a completely new writer, but I am hoping that God will use my writing to speak to you in a powerful and profound way, as that night when I heard him ‘speak’ to me.