God’s Grace extends far beyond whether you identify as a Christian !

graceGod’s grace has gone far beyond my narrow minded- thinking. My thoughts are far from Gods thoughts. Yes, God wants all of humanity to be saved and enter into a loving relationship with him . He is unbelievably patient and is extending his grace to those who don’t even realise or know who God is . The spirit is speaking and moving people in these times, like I have never seen before . I have heard joyful stories of peoples destinies changing in this moment , in this year . They have been given a key , a key that is unlocking their treasure. This is the year of new openings and doorways of destinations. God is returning joy to people’s hearts , he is allowing goodness to return to their lives. Goodness has been held back for a long season, the enemy has delayed many of God’s plans, many have wondered where God has gone and why life has stalled (including me, at times). Well, I can tell you now with confidence that this year , there will be new openings for you and new divine opportunities that will happen and quickly. I believe that he is also splitting and redefining relationships, he is drawing evil out of goodness, he is divinely separating those who want to excel from those who have become complacent . He is cutting off the dead branches and they will be put in the fire, he is pruning new life and fruit will be seen in this season. As I did blackberry picking with my girls, I noticed the fruit this year was massive; for me, this represented how fruit will finally blossom in big ways for many of you. Those who have felt trapped by difficult circumstances or challenges will finally be freed of toxic relationships or work environments and some of you are already tasting the fruit of freedom.  He is going to progress those who have longings, whatever faith you have, because God’s grace extends far beyond your own beliefs. He loves you , whatever you believe.  No problem, he can work outside of your own personal views. He will surprise many in this season with his absolute grace .  He is an enduring and faithful God, who has not forgotten his plans and purposes for his people. Many eyes will turn to him in his faithfulness and they will remember where they have come from and who they are.  He is leading people to new pastures , new locations, new movements.  I have also seen a dividing of evil verses good, a literal divide in work places, churches and friends. It has come to head, no longer will good be able to work alongside evil, these divisions must happen, in order for God’s glory to progress. Think of the weeds and the wheat, the enemy sowed weeds amongst the wheat while we were asleep, and God reminds us, that there will be a time where a great separation is going to happen . I believe this is it now. I believe that the great harvest is upon us (Matt 13:24 – 43).  No longer can goodness stand the sight of evil.  The difference is stark, but God is calling all his creation to himself. I believe he is putting right hearts and minds that are open to receive him . Even though the enemy works for evil, there is goodness coming out, because God’s plans will not be thwarted. He turns all evil to prosper and be even more glorious.


I believe we are in a season where Holy Spirit is being poured out abundantly on his children . His children being those who know him and also those who don’t profess to have a relationship with him too .  His grace extends to those who are seeking and thirsting for a real change in their lives. Those who have been longing for the right partner to come along, those who have been longing for the job that actually uses their gifts and skills, the job where they can excel and feel worthy of their vocation , those who have been longing for a healing breakthrough, those who have been longing for babies. God is listening to the hearts and minds of those who do not yet know him , but he is answering their longings and pushing back the curtains of darkness to allow light to peek through . It is in the answering of these unfilled hopes, dreams and desires where God is answering and will answer his children through his grace. Through this grace, people will come to know him personally and come to realise there is a God who is listening . I met a lady the other week in church, who said their children asked to come to church, with no church upbringing whatsoever. God is speaking to little children too in this outpouring, he is speaking to their hearts. Children are precious in the eyes of God. Keep your spiritual eyes and ears open in this time because the God of breakthrough and miracles is working in the background,  he has your back. I feel we are on the brink of a beautiful horizon.

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