Effective Prayer


I have felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to be in God’s presence intensely in the past few weeks to pray for God’s glory . I feel as though God is wanting me to pray for specific breakthroughs in certain situations for work, for family, for friends and for situations I have no prior knowledge about. I have not felt such confidence in prayer , as I do today . I am feeling that without prayer, then the dark side will keep others from reaching many about God’s kingdom. I feel the need to take up my weapon of prayer and Bible verses to fight the demonic realm.

I have been going through lots of mini battles in my own life that have felt very intense and real. Such as the demon of control and manipulation. This spirit has been causing havoc for many of you and I want to encourage you to pray that God will break the strongholds of these powers, in this season. Just wait and see. I have had answers to my prayers, mainly the building of his kingdom and new direction. I am learning to rely on God for my answers and not myself. I feel he has lead me to a place of intense prayer and intercessory. I have this quiet confidence that this year, God is anointing his work and his glorious plan to win over souls that have been prayed for many years. These souls will not be left out, they will be touched by the spirit . Everything will not be left untouched in this season, but this fervent season will turn everything upside down for his glory. No stone will be left upturned. Hurts, pains and rejections will be dealt with, in a way that has not been seen before.

I have hope that 2018 is the year of breakthrough and change for many Christians who have been struggling with sin. There seems to be a speeding up of answered prayer. Prayer changes everything. So whatever, you are going through , I urge you to pray, actually I want you to share with me your prayers, and I want to pray for you, that the Holy spirit will intercede for you and answer your prayers quickly. This season of hope and harvest has arrived . Be prepared to be shocked and surprised by God’s power and grace . May God’s kingdom be re-established here on earth, as many give their lives to Christ .

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