Blinded by Your Grace


Stormzy recently won the Brit Awards and Mercury prize with his song, ‘Blinded by Grace’, he was also number one in the charts for a number of weeks too. If you listen to it, you can probably see why…
( Similarly, Saul on the road to Damascas (Acts 9), experienced a blinding event , before he realised the errors of his ways . He needed God’s mercy and grace in order to change. Normally it takes a traumatic event for us to change our ways, fully.

His song is truly authentic, as it shows his vulnerability and bareness, it genuinely spoke to a range of people and summed up the human condition that we all share. It talks of us all needing saving by Jesus whatever our condition. We all share in pain, brokenness and rejection. We all need somewhere safe to go, whether that be family, friends or ultimately God. We all experience the high and lows of the roller coaster of life but it is how we STOP that matters. More recently, I had a big fall of grace, I had a near miss accident with my family in the car, and this made me realise how merely human and fragile I was. I am made of the same blood, water and bones as you are. In that moment of danger, God cleared my mind and guided me back to the right path. Soon afterwards, I had moments of denial and started blaming everyone and everything possible for my carelessness. This was my sinful nature, telling me I couldn’t possibly do any wrong! When I put my pride aside, guilt came flooding in, I had come to the realisation of how broken we are as humans, and how we are in desperate need of grace and forgiveness. This sudden encounter of grace, reminded me of the life that had been first breathed into our lungs from the very beginning and how we owe it to God every-day for our existence.

Jesus was sent for us, not because he had to, but because he loved us so so much. A God of pure love. Once we accept what he has done for us, the healing process can start. The Holy Spirit affirms this truth and strengthens us to get through things. Sometimes we can feel trapped by our condition and environment, but by his grace, (whatever dire circumstance you are in) we can be free in an instant. It took me a near death experience to suddenly realise my nakedness and dependence on God. I asked God to forgive me in my arrogance. I am only here today because of God’s goodness to me. I was taking my life for granted, when actually in my ignorance I needed to appreciate all he had given to me. My health, my friends, my work, my family and my God given opportunities.

I have come so that we may live life, life in all its abundance. (John 10:10 )

2 thoughts on “Blinded by Your Grace

  1. God has been speaking to me on this subject recently. of how much I need to depend on Him, that I am not as strong as I fool myself into thinking I am! bless you- this blog touched my heart


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