Is Change on the horizon ?


‘The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood Before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes’ (Joel 2:31)

The super BLUE BLOOD moon has been visible to many moon watchers over the majority of the globe. The rare phenomenon occurs when a super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse all occur at the same time. Those of us in Bristol, saw the blood moon up close on the horizon at 5pm this evening, as we finished the end of the work day . It looked stunning and significant. Not only is it spectacular but it brought us 14% closer to nature ! Now is there any spiritual significance that we can draw from what we read in the Bible to what we are seeing here in our own skies ? !We can’t predict how long it will be until the world comes to an end, but maybe the sign in the skies, seems to be representing a shifting and change that is upon us in the globe ? Various unrelated sources are correlating together, so maybe we should take note of some . Prophecies from Richard’s Watch ( are notable for 2018 and even New Age psychic’s seem to be implying that the blood blue moons are representing a clear change in the atmosphere, physically and spiritually (vine psychic readings) . More recently, the Dooms day clock, which represents high profile scientists and figures said that we are 2 minutes to midnight, due to the dangerous place we are in environmentally and due to the threat of nuclear war and Trumps provocative behaviour , no surprise there !


In the UK, we are in absolute chaos, not to mention Brexit, just look at Carillion, it fell into disrepair due to ineffective decisions being made that lead to greed leading the way and within two weeks , Capita are on the brink of collapse as share prices are worth a measly 14 pence per share. Around a 47.5 % downfall. The stock market has lost more than 1bn in one day. No sane person needs to belittle this story . This is major NEWS for our economy and will affect individuals and companies in negative ways , especially pensioners . Capita basically became too big, too greedy, all too quickly for it’s own gain . This is a great example of what happens when you outsource. You stop making connections with real life humans and start acting as a defiant and unstoppable machine that has no feelings or shame for those they are treating as shit at the bottom of the pile .

Many corruption cases have come to light recently across the globe, such as the sexual abuse of 265 female gymnasts by doctor Larry Nassar ( In the UK , the recent case of Liam Allan, who was accused of rape, but found to be innocent, has finally made the police Met look at their own practises and re-review 600 sexual assault cases as a high priority . The Crown Prosecution System has big question marks over their practises failure of disclosing evidence. The information is coming through thick and fast and it seems that injustices against innocent people are finally coming to light . The awful story of the young Romanian woman who had a baby in prison ( and spent 13 months in prison and the whole case collapsed due to evidence coming to light that she was totally innocent.

2018 is sure to surprise, delight and shock us. It is the significant year of the Jewish Calender year of 5778 and even Trump has declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The alarm bells are ringing in my mind. So let’s wait and see what God has in store for us. I look to God for progression, unity in churches, and a harvest of souls.

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