Wake up from Slumber

wake up

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number,

Shake your chains to earth like dew,

Which in sleep had fallen on you.

Ye are many. They are few.

 Jeremy Corbyn summed up some truths for society in a matter of seconds @ Glastonbury Festival, when he read out the poem above by Percy Shelley. We are to take these words seriously, if we want to know God’s will for our lives and as a Nation. We need to be watching closely to world events and seeking God’s wisdom on the way to go. I can see clearly here, that Mr Corbyn although, not a professed Christ follower, speaks truth that correlates with other prophecies (see Richard’s Watch).  The symbol of the Lion is important, it represents many things on a spiritual and physical level. Lions are seen in the Old Testament, as well as in Revelation. It is a powerful symbol. What does a lion mean ? A lion is the King of the Jungle, he is the most powerful creature of the animal kingdom. A lion has sharp teeth, strong paws, he is stealthy, he is frightening, protective and is dependant on God for food (Psalm 104:21).  This poem talks about rising like lions after slumber. How do lions react when they are disturbed ? They are fierce and fight for survival looking for their next prey. We are not looking for our next prey, but we are looking to show ourselves, be noticed, in roaring out about injustices in our society, we will be heard . We must seek to protect our corner fiercely to see loved ones protected from corrupt and powerful systems that have taken away our Democratic rights . The Christian voice must no longer be silenced but RISE UP and challenge. Together as a pride of lions, we must defend our territory.

In Rev 5:5 Jesus is called the Lion of the King of Judah. In the well known Narnia Chronicles, we see that Aslan the Lion, sacrificed himself for all. The Lion represented Jesus. We know that the ultimate battle has been won by Jesus, however we must keep fighting until the end for God’s kingdom to prevail, this is our call.  God’s call to us is that we equip ourselves with the Holy Spirit. With this weapon we can fight for justice, peace, hope and change. Our calling is greater than ourselves, and we must lay our lives down for something greater than our own understanding. Those who want to RISE UP and join in with this battle, must understand the power of prayer . The power of prayer changes and influences everything. Prayer moves things in this world and the spiritual world (Ephesians 6).

Look at the shakeup of events – Grenfell Tower disaster , Manchester bombings, London terrorist stabbings, election surprise and one of the freakiest lighting and thunder storm the UK has seen in recent years. These are signs that God is moving in the UK. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit will shake up your family, friends, neighbours and community ? Do you believe that God is using the UK for his glory ? My friends, keep your head high, because God is working here , and now.  Have faith, he has not left us alone, but wants to bring truth, hope, justice and REVIVAL to this country . AMEN.

God has been speaking prophetically to those in and outside of Christian faith and it is amazing to see such solidarity in these times of trouble.  Do we truly believe that God can work outside of our walls ? We know that God is omnipresent and draws all strands together to work for his glory at his appointed time. This is our appointed time , here in the UK. All those who are listening to God’s call, will rise up and shed light on things that have been kept in darkness for a very long time.

As Romans 13:11 puts it , ‘ The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed’.

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