I Caught a Glimpse of Heaven


The spirit, once again was hovering over the shallow waters of the deep. Humankind on earth,  was no more. The earth groaned out, ‘ We have nothing left to give, you have drained us of all natural power, the effects are irreversible’. The earth heaved a huge sigh of relief . Finally, it had been released from the powers of spiritual darkness and the tormentors. It could be free at last.

Those of us who were protected from the plagues of death, were carefully extracted from the earth by a whirlwind of fire, that rose hundreds of miles outside of time and space and into a new dimension that I can only describe as a ‘glimpse of heaven’. Some people were left behind on earth, while others were ‘chosen’ to live in a new place. Why had I been handpicked and another was left to rot and decay ? I  repeated this question, until it had run dry of meaning. When I arrived in this ‘heaven’, I quickly became distracted by the sheer wonder and beauty of this place, that soon, my questioning evaporated into the atmosphere and my gaze was taken to another level. This was nothing like I had ever seen before. I saw a new planet and a complete restoration of everything that was ‘crooked’. The old had been replaced by the new. I could only enter into this new world, by the shedding of my old physical body as a butterfly sheds her cocoon. All the physicality’s of ageing and deteriorating health suddenly dissolved into nothingness. My functional  body that had been restricting me of my real value on the old earth was finally no more. I knew in my soul that this deep longing and thirst for being fully complete had finally be quenched. The eternity that had been planted in my heart from the beginning, had come to realise that ‘this’ was what I was made for. This new body was unique and special; the possibilities of time travel were extraordinary. I was adopted into my new family with a name that had been especially reserved for me in the Book of Life. I finally felt that I fitted in. No longer did I have to be the ‘round peg’ that tried to fit into a ‘square hole’. I found others who I could truly connect with and I could ‘be’ without having to justify myself. I was fully accepted and loved by my creator, God. This love surrounded me . My God, had made all of this beauty, yet he still wanted to have an intimate relationship with me, his beloved creation. I accepted his invitation on the Old Earth and realised that life was seemingly pointless without knowing its purpose. This purpose drove me to find unconditional love, that stems only from God’s love, not human conditional love. It was like the old world had been waiting for this moment and in its last drawn-out breathe, it revealed a new plan for my life. I embraced a new body that no longer consisted of any physical matter. I was free at last . Free of human constraints and time, free of money, free of manipulation and corruption, free of poverty , free of pain and suffering, free of death, just complete utter freedom.

In this true freedom, I learnt what it meant to fly. My spirit knew no boundaries. Time was no longer linear. I flew well above the land of the new and saw the river of the water of life. This water refreshed and replenished people as they drunk deeply from its source. Their spiritual bodies shone brighter with every gulp of the clear crystal water that flowed from the throne of God and of the Lamb. This new glorious garden was brimming with exotic plants, trees, wildlife, unspoilt paradise, mountains, rushing rivers, crystal waters and smells that fragranced the air with outbursts of sunshine and fresh due. My spirit feasted on the goodness and freedom of this place. I had miles and miles of new land to explore. The tree of life took centre stage in this garden, its bold colours, which bore twelve crops of fruit, possessed the power of healing in its leaves. The colour of the fruit were far beyond the spectrum of the rainbow. With cautioned, I open my mouth slowly to taste the fruit. As I sunk my teeth into the fleshy skin of the ripe fruit, the juice imploded in my mouth and hit every taste sensation possible in my sensitive pallet. These tastes were exquisite and completely ‘out of this world’. The fruit we had on earth, seemed to be tasteless in comparison to this ‘superior’ brand of food. We had succumbed to ‘making do’ with our manufactured tastes. Over the years, we had gone far beyond the understanding of what original food tasted like. Our taste pallets had been dulled to an earthly experience of fabricated and artificial imperfections. As I savoured the taste, I experienced a renewal of character from the inside out. Each of the brightly coloured fruits represented twelve virtues of character ; Peace, love, joy, justice, patience, hope, faith, strength, courage, determination , wisdom and knowledge. With every passing bite, I was becoming wiser.

I embraced this new land as a lover embraces her partner after a long stint away. This sweet kind of embrace lightened my heart and danced in delight of its hidden treasures. Within this land, I saw a mass of people all clad in white, who had changed the course of history in their quiet, prayerful and enduring perseverance. Some had given their lives for the glory of God. In this upside down kingdom, many of those who were held with high esteem, consisted of the lonely, unable-bodied, meek, humble, homeless, the poverty stricken, refugees, war victims, children and , all of whom were adorning crowns of righteousness and glory. This new earth had recognised them as precious jewels in God’s sight and had adopted them as one of his own. I was shocked to see who held the seats of those in white. It was many of the unknowns who had been shunned from society as ‘useless’. Many of those who were famed as the ‘Great, I AM’s’ on the old earth, did not seem to have a place reserved for them on this new earth . In the far off distance, I could hear the rushing sound of a mighty waterfall. I discovered when I ventured closer, it was actually all kinds of voices singing together in beautiful harmony, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is to come’.

I recognised long lost friends, relatives, husbands, wives, mother and fathers, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, and to my amazement unborn souls that had died long before entering the world. Each individual had a new spiritual body but a recognisable character. Although I recognised many, I could not recall who belonged to who, because no longer were there any physical attachments to one another. The human element did not matter anymore. The blood and DNA connections were no longer relevant. There was a stronger connection, the connection of ‘all minds’ having one purpose. This purpose was made possible through the blood of Jesus’s perfect sacrifice on the cross in the old land. This one purpose was to worship the Lord, with all the heart, mind and soul. The spiritual blue print of every new person by far outweighed the physical.

This new land shone with a brilliance that can only come from God. Emeralds and sapphires were shimmering in the foundations of the cities walls and jasper was holding the walls together like cement. The streets were made of pure gold as refined as glass and the gates were carved from pearl. The beauty overwhelmed me, I couldn’t take my eyes away from those who had sanctified and sacrificed their lives for Jesus and stood so strong when adversity was all around. My eyes were drawn to the beauty and the ‘holiness’ of the Lamb. The Lamb who had sacrificed himself past, present and future to save all of humanity. Finally, the Lamb and his beautiful new bride were clasping hand in hand, and this deep longing for true love, had finally been fulfilled. The bride had chosen to set herself apart in a long preparation for the joy and fulfilment of this eternal marriage. The two become one in spiritual union, and truly, it was an overwhelming feeling of elation and magnificence, that no eye had ever seen before. My eyes had been so accustomed to pain, suffering, discontentment, brokenness, disappointment and corruption, whilst living in the land of the old. With my ‘new eyes’, my heart sung out in praise and marvel and pure happiness rose from my soul in wonder at our new king. I soon embraced this new world with gusto. The sun did not source this new planet, because God encompassed everything within himself to produce and sustain life by his words alone. I had truly reached a world where humankind was dwelling in the spiritual realms of the glory of God. I knew that what lay before me was the beginning of an incredible journey of restoration and renewal, joy, hope and peace. God was finally dwelling amongst his people that would last eternally. He, who was seating on the throne said ‘ I am making everything new…..It is done. I am the Alpha and Omega,the beginning and the end. To him who is thirsty, he will give drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. He who overcomes will inherit all of this, and I will be his God and he will be my son(Rev 21:7)AMEN.

One thought on “I Caught a Glimpse of Heaven

  1. Really insightful look into the future, beyond the constraints, expectations and shallow judgements of humankind. I definitely feel inspired to look to the real future, and to live this future better.

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