Soul Squeezing in the Age of the Consumerist


As soon as I looked up from my inner ‘self’ and started being more mindful and observant of the world, I noticed a chorus of people passing by, all of whom had blank expressions on their faces and eyes that looked vacant. These ‘soulless eyes’ gave me the impression that all was ‘not okay’ with the human race. There seemed to be a deep vacuum within each individual, that had literally sucked them dry of the joy and satisfaction of this life. Their hearts had turned to stone and their minds had been numbed by the humdrum of everyday living. Everyday living had become a chore, a boring routine that exercised no freedom of living but chained to the idol of ‘just existing’. Purely existing to ‘get by’ in every minute, every hour , every day, every week, every month and every year of wasted existence. All things creative and joyful had been withdrawn from these people and had been replaced by the endless entertainment of the ‘box’ . This ‘box’ initiated no dialogue, no stimulation, no thinking and just awe consuming. This consumerism left a deep black hole in each soul. No matter what you filled this ‘hole’ with, deep longing and craving nagged endlessly in the background. While the ‘box’ was in control and the volume was turned up, the quiet whisper in your ear eventually drowned out the voice of reason and gave way to silence. Hidden deep within each human being, there waiting, was a soul just fighting to get out. The human soul had been trapped by the four walls of the mind, and had been fooled into thinking that their life was nothing more than a ‘bringer of goods’. The truth needed to be uncovered, that each person had a meaning that was just waiting to be dug out and discovered. In each person, there lies some deep treasure ,that is destined to be found. Each person has a pearl. The system of our world had not accommodated or cultivated these precious pearls. Rather, the system had suffocated these pearls by churning them into a lean mean consumerist machine!
A consumer does not feel anymore, but adjusts and ‘makes do’ with the very little resources they have left. Society is left at the whim and folly of the self-appeasing appetite of the consumer. Those people who have been subjected to their whim, no longer bother with a fight, because when they fought the first time, no one defended them. They tried a second time and still failed to overcome their injustices and when they tried a third time, they STOPPED fighting. The rich and powerful have consumed the poor from the inside out and taken away everything they own . Even when there was nothing left to give, the wealthy just kept on consuming. Why won’t they just STOP ? Someone make them STOP please . They cannot STOP though, they have been caught in a vicious cycle of destruction. Buying, using and discarding. They are addicted to the nature of this beast .This beast gives them pleasure for a fleeting moment and soon after, it falter’s at the seams and has to be quickly replaced. What gain is in this dsyfunction ?

What is left of the human soul, when each has been labelled as ‘short term’ and ‘indispensable’? As I continued to stare intently at people, I could see the lies that had been drip fed into their conscientious, that their only ‘worth’ was one of ‘doing’. This ‘doing’ had distracted them from the real helplessness of their situation . This ‘doing’ provided each with a way to find temporal contentedness. Without the ‘doing’, people spiralled into long-term depression and isolation. What would become of these people when they became ill or disabled or long term unemployed? What value was being placed on their heads? This mentality of achieving goals and selfish ambitions drove the profitability of industry to keep producing . The people were lured into a false sense of security that producing goods would give them self-value. I could see in the faces of some that they had long given up hope and were ex-communicated from society for not being of ‘use’ to the advancement of the human machine. Each carried his own thorny crown that they wore close to their heart .The words disappointment, fear, rejection, suffering, anger, guilt, resentment and brokenness pierced their discontented hearts. This society demanded of their all, their feelings, their identity, their family, their friends, their worth , he demands they bow down to the desires of ‘self’ and he orders the wealthy to build their empire on the backs of the working class. This society holds up and commends the wealthy and arrogant on their high-seated thrones.

I had this instant urge to bring back joy and love into their eyes, to release them from the chains of bondage that had drained them completely dry .I wanted to wipe away their tears and pain, I wanted to let people feel again, love again, hope again, feel free again and press on to a better future. I wanted them to ‘see’ that they are loved by their creator. Their creator God, had purposefully made each one uniquely. Each one was truly loved , not a shallow type of human love, but a deep-seated unconditional love that goes beyond the physical boundaries of this world and beyond. The Alpha and Omega wants to enter into an intimate relationship with each one of his children. I wanted them to seek truth and to recognise that each one had something valuable to give to society. That God renews, restores and heals. The truth is God never consumes, but always gives and never stops giving. I wanted to let them know that God had seen their suffering and loss, and that he would set the ‘wrongs to rights’ in the end times. God promises the people that they are never forgotten and are deeply loved whether they ‘do’ or they ‘don’t’

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